Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Top 10 Things I Have Found in Lily's Mouth

Okay, what is the deal with babies and putting stuff in their mouths!?!? I did not encounter this with Abby, but apparently for Lily, her mouth is her 3rd hand... Here are the top 10 things I have found in her mouth this week:

1. 2 magnets off the frig (small, square)
2. Wad of purple lint off her shag rug (this is almost daily)
3. Piece of masking tape (huh?!?!?)
4. Small leaf
5. Small piece of greenery from a vase of roses
6. Wadded receipt that went through the washer and dryer (found while I was folding clothes)
7. Small ball of thread
8. Small rubberband
9. Dirt
10. Streamer of green Easter basket grass (she was crawling around with it trailing out of her mouth)

I have really tried to keep my floors clean, so I think this kid is going to need a muzzle...

The Four WORST Words for a Mom to Hear

Okay... They are probably not the worst - but they come close.

"Mom, my head itches."

Mom, my head itches. Those four words will go down in infamy in the Crook house, and it comes down to one word: lice. (It gives me the shakes to even type it.) Oh, poor Abby. And what luck for the kid with the most hair ON THE PLANET (and her mommy). What 5-year-old wants to sit still for SIX hours while her mother looks at every single, stinking strand God gave her? (I think I am going to add lice to my list of other assorted creepy crawlies I am going to ask God why He created...)

When we first discoved it (or them - GAG!), I immediately looked up on the web how to treat them naturally (of course). WHY IN THE WORLD DO THEY PUT A PICTURE ON EVERY WEBSITE!?!? GAG, PUKE, GAG! Anyway, I digress... So, the first night Abby and I spent the night with our heads soaked in olive oil and tea tree oil and wrapped in plastic wrap. Yup, we both smelled like a bad salad. (BTW, I didn't get them, but I was SO FREAKED out that I slept in the stuff anyway and kept bugging - no pun intended - Keith to look at my head.) Let's just say that this "problem" is hard to remedy. We have tried all kinds of things, including - embarrassing to say - dying Abby's hair. (Crystal Brown by Feria for anyone who likes the color... :)) I took my poor baby into Walgreens to pick out a close color. At first she wanted to be a blonde... Mommy said NO. :)

Abby has been a real trooper . I have questioned every head scratch, and she has had her head looked at more than should be allowed by law. (Even typing this makes me itch...) We even had to "quarantine"all her webkinz in trash bags - poor girl. (She is counting down the days for them to come out and play.)

Alas, we tried to make light of the situation by taking some funny pictures of her hair while it was processing. (Don't worry: no bugs.) This has definitely been an experience... I now am an expert on the life cycle and habits of a disgusting little critter (certainly not planned - ugh), so if you encounter them, you know who to call.

Off to grab the olive oil... just in case...

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well, I had just finished washing dishes when Lily came crawling through the kitchen, and being in the washing mood and seeing that Lily looked a little grimy from the floors, I decided to toss her in the sink as well. (Don't worry, I changed the water.) After the initial apprehension, she loved the sink - especially the sprayer on the faucet. She looked so cute that I had to snap some pictures and a quick video. :)

WARNING: This video below contains nudity...

Monday, May 5, 2008

On the Move

It started out about a month ago... On the hands and knees, then the rocking, and then what I like to call the "on-land butterfly stroke". Well, now it is official: crawling at 6 months. I am not ready for this on many levels, but the greatest drawback is definitely the state of my floors, as she finds every little piece of dirt and other assundries on them. (On that note, I truly believe Satan invented white tile to torment me!) Alas, I guess I am going to have to pick up the broom more often. If only I could make Lily an outfit out of dust cloths and string mops... :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cheap Entertainment

Sisters and babies provide much cheap entertainment. Apparently, Lily finds Abby's harsh treatment of her bunny to be hysterical. (Poor bunny...)

Two Teeth

Apparently my children sprout teeth early. Here are Lily's first two... :)